Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to
Collaborative Businesses
Cambiuu helps social entrepreneurs and communities to acquire the mindset, competences, and resources needed to build collaborative businesses whose wealth are measured both through the profit they generate as well as the positive impacts they have in the world.
Cambiuu is for
Social Entrepreneurs (Apprentices)
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Goodbye, old learning paradigm, and thank you for bringing us here!
It is time for humanity to move on, away from compartmentalized thinking dissociated from reality’s context and disconnected from the biosphere.
Our traditional style of learning has been linear, simplistic, siloed, prioritizing schools, teachers, content, and diplomas. Due to advances in complexity science, now we know better.
Why shorebirds?
Why shorebirds, you may ask. These migratory birds care little about geopolitical or disciplinary boundaries. They experience the world as a true nonlinear complex system. And, this is the core of Cambiuu.
Our first three CambiuUX
cambiuu experience
Decision-Making in Complex Flow Systems?
DNA: Dragons +
Nuts + Algorithms
Perception of Reality
and Decision-Making
As member of Cambiuu you will be able to:
1 - Recognize that we live inside complex nonlinear systems;

2 - Employ scientific pragmatic decision-making methods that take into account the behavior of complex nonlinear systems;

3 - Identify good business opportunities that generate positive environmental, social, and economic impacts;

4 - Co-design, co-create, and co-implement collaborative businesses committed to solving environmental, social, and economic problems.
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